Moving Is A Hassle: Make It Easier With A Pod

Worried about driving a big moving truck or about working around the schedule of a moving company? Portable storage could be the solution.  Portable storage is a stress free, easy option for your many moving and storage needs. Here are a few tips on the benefits of using portable storage:

Using our portable storage is one of the most convenient ways to move and store your belongings. You can load and unload at your own pace on your own schedule and not someone else’s. The POD is loaded and unloaded from a trailer by our trained drivers. When the POD is unloaded it sits at ground level with the doors facing your home, garage or shop. This makes it easy to load and unload, no lifting your possessions up into a truck or navigating a ramp with bulky furniture. Once your belongings are loaded, we do the driving.

Portable storage is an incredibly safe way to store your treasured possessions. Both of the doors open up wide and when they close they have a latch that covers over the doors and perfectly fits one of our disc locks. You can store the unit at your own property or in our secured, fenced yard. Our containers are solid and moisture proof, they are 7’ wide by 14’ deep and 7’ high so they fit easily in driveways. Whether you are moving, renovating, or building a new home PODS are a great option for moving and storage.

Don’t want to lug around all that sports equipment this year? Save your energy for the field by using a POD. Sports teams have rented PODS to leave at the baseball/soccer fields for the season to securely store sporting equipment between games.

These containers are also great for other outdoor events like weddings, or even marathons. These compact containers can inconspicuously secure tables, chairs and other outdoor props. Or maybe you need a water proof, wind proof pop up shelter for a command center or way station. We’ve even seen POD used as pop up stores! If you are organizing an event and need secure portable storage, we offer great discounts for non-profit organizations. Also check out our blog on event storage.

Whatever your storage and moving needs are you will cover all them with our convenient Portable Storage for as long as you need.

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