Storing Your Crafts Away in Small Spaces

An 11’ X 30’ office space is not a lot of room for two business desks and a craft room. So we have to make the most of our space for those times when I want to get out the crafts. I needed ways to store a lot of the craft items that I only use a few times a year, but have them accessible at a moment’s notice.

Ribbon StorageOne thing I seem to always have tucked into different places are rolls of ribbon. Here’s how I organize the ribbon. My first choice is taking a wall mount paper towel holder and removing the wooden rung that would go inside the roll. Now you can slide on all your ribbon casings and hang them in plain view ready to use. The second way is to use a shoe box and some doweling. Cut your doweling to the length of the shoe box. Slide one end into a hole you have cut on either end to hold the dowel in place. Next, add your ribbons and then push the dowel through the second hole. To keep things really stashed away you can use the lid and cut small slits in the top for the ribbon to run through. I prefer to keep the box open so I have a better idea of when I am getting close to the end of the roll. If this storage box is going to stay out in plain sight you can make it look less like a shoe box by covering the outside with a nice bright wrapping paper.

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Wrapping Paper StorageThe side of a closet makes a perfect hiding spot for all the rolls of wrapping paper. The easiest way I have found to reign in all those rolls is done with a piece of wire closet shelving used in most homes. Simply measure the side of the closet wall and have the store cut the shelf for you. Using the braces for the shelving attach the shelf vertical instead of horizontal leaving just enough space between the wall and rail for your wrapping paper roll to stand up without leaning over.

Source: Family Handy Man

A plastic hanging shoe holder on the back of a storage room or closet door makes a perfect place to store objects such as your glue gun, scissors, etc. This way you can clearly see the craft supplies you are storing, get easy access to them, but still keep them out of sight. Another smaller storage idea I use is to place all my small breakable or damageable items inside an egg carton or a fishing lure box. There are cubby holes for safely placing little bows, and any delicate tool or craft supply.

Shoe Hanger Storage Idea

Source: Buzzfeed

– Sue Sage