What To Expect Your First Time

What to Expect Your First Time
It’s your first time renting a storage unit and you want everything to go right. Problem is – you’ve never
done this before and you are not really sure what is involved. Here’s some advice from someone on the
Before you arrive at the storage facility it’s a good idea to ask what methods of payment they accept.
Also ask if you are eligible for any discounts (senior, student, etc.) and be prepared to show id as proof
of eligibility. At the least you will have to pay for your first month’s rent and buy a lock for your unit. If
the facility you chose requires a damage deposit, admin fee, charges for a gate fob or supplies the lock
the amount will vary. Either way you have to pay for the use of the unit in advance. 
Once you’ve selected a storage facility and a unit, first up is the paperwork:
– Provide a photo ID.
– Give them your current address (the one where you are receiving your mail)
– If your last name has changed since you got the ID …. let them know.
– They will also need a phone number and possibly an email address.
– If you are storing a vehicle you will have to show the current registration. The facility may also
be required to keep a photocopy of it along with your other information.
– Name an alternate contact for your account (with phone number) in case you can’t be reached
for any reason.
At this point the staff should generate a lease or contract for you to sign. But before you sign:
– The staff should read and explain the entire document to you.
– They also should be explaining security options, office hours, yard hours, what you can and can’t
store, etc.
– Make yourself aware of any late fees or damage charges. The best way to avoid extra fees is to
be aware of them and pay your rent on time.
– Be certain as to your obligation towards insurance coverage and who’s responsible for any
damage to your items while in storage.
Once you understand and your questions have all been answered, sign.
And just like that – you have rented your first storage unit! Be sure your unit is locked securely before
you leave and if you are having a moving company bring your items at a later time make the necessary
arrangements with the facility staff. If you received a fob or access code for a security gate now is a
great time to test it (while there is someone there to help if you need it). Welcome to the world of self

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