When Our RV Clients Hit The Road

We have 126 RV stalls so our storage yard sees a lot of comings and going of our RV clients and we often wonder, where are they going?

The weather hasn’t been the greatest, but we all need a holiday.

We would sit at our desks and daydream about what adventure it was taking this family on. Did they know of someplace hot that wasn’t too far? I guess lucky them to find that place.

This became a habit. Every time a client left the yard our imagination would go into overtime.

Another adventure and another time a family gets to enjoy some time together.

After a little while we thought maybe it was time to find out where these clients were going over the summer.

The next time a client came in, we knew we had to ask them where they were going.

Looks like there are lots of places to go close to home and some beautiful places. We also found out that there are a lot of camping areas around Drayton Valley. So exciting for people.

So as more and more people came in that was a question we would ask. Here are some great places we have heard about.

Willy West Campground: People enjoy it as it is conveniently close to town only about 5-10 minutes away. Easy access to the river for boating or swimming or just hanging out in the sun. Also they have a huge playground and field for the kids to play and as well as the adults., The grounds are clean and the owners are very respectful of the campers privacy.
Wabamun Lake: People enjoy this campground as it is very close to the lake for boating and swimming. It has a giant Dragon Fly statue which kids and families love to take pictures around. They have a cute little village by the lake that has amazing ice cream and food. Also is just far enough away to get out of town for a little bit with out being super far away, but is still close enough to the City of Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and Edmonton.
Pigeon Lake: People have really enjoyed this lake for a long as I can remember, because of the huge lake and boast dock. Along with the little store on the beach at the campground and the swim rentals they have as well. They also have public day use so you don’t even have to be camping there to go to their lake. The campground is huge and very clean as well. Along with the Village at the Lake as they call it, has lots of shopping, food , ice cream. It is super adorable and you could easily spend the whole day there along with money lol. They also have beautiful lake houses that people can buy or even rent out for a weekend.
Nordegg: People like going out there as it is farther away from Drayton, since we are always trying to find places to get away to this one is perfect. They also have about three different campgrounds around the town of Nordegg which makes a difference. They have lots of fishing there which people really like to do as its a good past time and family bonding as well. They all have Cabins you can rent for a weekend if you don’t own a camper or tent.
The Mountains: They are always a nice gateway because they are gorgeous to look at and its just so peaceful and calm., Breathing in clean fresh air and the wilderness and animals around you. Its also nice because they don’t always have the best cell service which makes you have to reconnect with yourselves also with your family and friends you came with. Lots of hiking to do and just all around a great time.
No matter where they are going, we hope they enjoy the time away.
~ Laurie Copland. Candice Sinclair and Lacey Barager