Halloween Box Costumes

We’re a storage company that sells moving boxes and likes to have fun. Did you know there are tons of great Halloween costumes that can be made with a cardboard box? If our fun costume ideas inspire you to make a box costume, come see us and we’ll give you a free box (must be in stock).

Source: Pinterest

Hot Air Balloon. Kayla, our Medicine Hat Storage manager, has decided to make a hot air balloon costume this year. After searching on Pinterest for some DIY ideas she found this. She started compiling the items she would need: a 3 cubic foot cardboard box, a couple of elastics to hold the basket up, and various dollar store items to create the decorations.

Source: MathFour

Rubix Cube. Tamara, our Operations Manager, likes the simplicity of the Rubix Cube box costume. A 3 cube box, colored construction paper, glue and black duct tape and she’s ready to trick-or-treat.



Source: Pinterest

Self-storage unit. Our Lacombe Storage manager Sue, is working on a unique look into our storage units. She has turned one of our 2 cube boxes into a mini self-storage unit by packing it with smaller boxes. She used some poster board to make the roll up door.


Source: Popsugar.com
Source: Popsugar.com

IPod. Dave, our new Drayton Valley manager, has decided to make himself an IPod costume for Halloween. Starting with a tutorial from WikiHow (http://www.wikihow.com/Create-an-Ipod-Halloween-Costume) he’s using one of our large boxes to create his IPod. Cut holes for the arms and legs with a utility knife and draw all the buttons or features with a heavy permanent marker. The only thing left is to make the earphones and he will be good to go!


Watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for the completed projects! You can also tweet and share your costume photos with us too.

The Storage Group Alberta Team