Wrapping, Joyful Or Not

With Christmas so close, the wrapping paper starts coming out. Who does the work making these boxes with ribbons and bows look so beautiful? We asked our management team who gets wrapping detail at their home. 


Candice from our Drayton Valley Storage office ~

I am the gift wrapper in my house, my mom’s house and my sister’s house! I like to have a station all setup, usually on the floor, with a nice beverage and a Christmas movie on the tv. Every wrapped edge and corner has to be perfect, and the paper, ribbons and bow have to match my tree and decorations. Lol, I spend half my time looking for the scissors and tape!

Ron from our Medicine Hat Storage office ~

Every January my wife starts a gift list for each family member and throughout the year if someone mentions a possible gift idea, it is written down. Gifts are bought throughout the year, especially when they go on sale. Once a gift comes into the house it’s crossed off the list and placed in a bag that is marked with the recipient’s name (when you start buying in February, you need to remember who each one belongs to!). Around the end of November, the container with the wrapping paper, tags, scissors and tape comes out and whenever we have some free time my wife or I wrap and tag. We aim to have gifts wrapped by mid December because in our house Christmas can happen as early as Dec. 15 or as late as January 2nd or 3rd, depending on family schedules.


In the past we’ve had so many (and various) pets that we simply could not use ribbons or bows (or tinsel or garland) for fear the pets would eat them. Now our house is pet free, and so we are trying to remember to add ribbons and bows to our presents… but old habits are hard to break.



Sue from our Lacombe Storage office ~

In our house, I am the gift wrapper. I enjoy it more than shopping for the gift in the first place. The kitchen counter becomes “Moms wrapping station” for the day, the Christmas music is turned on, the snacks come out and the fun begins. Out come all of the colorful paper, the bright ribbons and bows. Any color or pattern is fair game, yet I think I always have a favorite few rolls that become my theme for the season. 

In case someone tries to sneak a peek, I keep a list separate from the gifts and simply label the boxes with a number. Closer to Christmas I add the names to the gifts.


Tamara at Head Office ~

Much like Ron and his wife, I am a year-round Christmas gift shopper. I love keeping an eye out for gifts that inspire and remind me of the person the gift is for. I use to be the gift wrap person in our house, but then I discovered that my husband is better at this than I am. His corners are always perfect and I don’t mind having one less thing to do during the holidays.

~SGA Team