How Self-Storage Can Help in an Emergency

Flood, tornado, hail and other natural disasters can affect a home owner at any time and most often without warning.

Before disaster strikes, know what your options are. Knowing where you can go for quick secure storage is important. If you have roof damage from a tornado, or a fire or flood at home, your belongings can be kept safe and close by in portable storage containers. This convenient easy access helps minimize stress while repairs to your home are underway. Should you or the restoration companies need things completely removed from the site a portable containers can be safely moved back to our secure storage yard.

Should you need to relocate temporarily or permanently, portable storage goes with you. Working with our emergency storage and relocation experts will help reduce some of the stress of a disaster. They can help when needed and they are knowledgeable about other resources you may need like professional packing supplies.

At times, a flood or other building damage can affect only a portion of your home. If this is the case, you can consider valet storage instead of a portable container. Have your few boxes packed up and call us for pick up. Items can be stored away in our secure storage rooms until you need them again.

Portables are often used during natural disasters for transporting emergency supplies such as food, water and medical relief.  Insurance and restoration companies also use portable storage because the containers are easy to place in tight locations quickly and efficiently. Contractors have placed portables on work sites as secure storage for their tools and supplies.

Clients have also used our portable storage as temporary sheds while they repair their own shed from hail damage. In this case, you may only need the container for a short time. So, be sure to ask about short-term rates.

Call one of our emergency storage and relocation consultants at
(877) 514-7525 for more information on how portable or valet storage can help ease the stress of disaster recovery and keep your belongings safe and secure.

~~Sue Sage