Our Favourite Canada Day Memories

Canada Day is the day to show your Canadian pride! Our staff at Storage Group Alberta wrote about their ideal or most memorable Canada Day celebrations.

Being Canadian, to me, has always meant helping others when you can and being proud but humble. My most memorable Canada Day, I was fourteen years old. I was part of a missions group with our church. I remember all of us sitting around a table deciding what we were going to do. We decided to sell corn-dogs at the Food Alley Canada Day event. We sold out and made arrangements to have a second food stand at the Sandfly festival in the evening where we sold strawberry angel food cake as a dessert. It was surprising how well it took off! We ended the night watching the fireworks covered in whip cream from the dessert rush. It was great being a part of such a big occasion and seeing all the families out and having fun. – Kayla, Medicine Hat

To me there is nothing that says Canada more than a sunny mountain meadow filled with alpine flowers. And, my best Canada Day memory is from Sun Peaks Ski Resort. Yes, there is life here after the ski season ends. On Canada Day at Sun Peaks, the smell of fresh mountain air mingles with the smell of BBQ, and the sights and sounds remind me of a country fair. There are activities for kids and adults alike. Live music plays day and night. The headline band kicks off their last set with fireworks. There is nothing like fireworks against a backdrop of mountains fringed with the last faint glow of the setting sun. For me, this feels like home — O’Canada! – Tamara, Head Office

My favorite way to spend Canada Day is at all the amazing community events that are put together by local businesses, individuals, and the town itself. I am lucky enough to have lived in very community oriented towns/cities and the celebrations that are organized always blow my mind. The carnivals, fireworks, fundraising booths and especially the free pancake breakfasts are always packed with friends and family. I love bringing my son to these events and just seeing the smile (and face painting) on his face year after year.  – Ashley, Drayton Valley

Bringing my kids up in Red Deer we would always head to Bower Ponds for Canada Day. Packing up 3 small children, with enough supplies to entertain everyone over a whole day became second nature and a job I sometimes wish I still had. Lunch picnic was packed, games, supper planned and a whole evening of meeting family and friends on the banks of the river waiting for the fireworks to begin. Usually it was around the fireworks time that all the kids would fall asleep, until that first set of works go up and then panic with all the sleepy kids begins. One of the longest days of activities is one I would do every year.  – Sue, Lacombe

To me Canada Day reflects on the many choices we as a country have and how everyone appreciates the variety of events, the scenic beauty of our landscape, and all the celebrations we can be appreciative of. Our favorite place over the years was going to Heritage Park in Calgary where we enjoyed a fulfilled day of endless activities with family and friends which included visiting museums and historical exhibits, going on rides, touring vintage sites, shopping, dining, etc. The day ended watching the spectacular light show and fireworks.  This park is where you experience Canadian history unfolding and appreciating the diversity of changes that has occurred since inception of the country we enjoy and are so proud of.  – Dean, Medicine Hat

What’s your favourite Canada Day memory? Leave it in the comments below!

The SGA Team