Relocation – How to Make the Move Better!

Source: TJC Properties
Source: TJC Properties

The time has come and you have decided to move for your job, your family, or maybe both. Whether you are moving across the province or the country, relocating is a big commitment, and a big job! Here are a 10 tips from an expert to help make the move better:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you are moving for a job, ask your employer if they offer any relocation assistance to help cover your costs. You may be surprised at how willing employers are to help get you to your new location.
  2. Start a packing timeline or schedule: Start a few weeks early with a plan. The more organized you are, the less stressed you will be, and the more money you save. Make a list of what you want to have done for each week, and start checking them off!
  3. Remember to forward your mail and update your address and phone number with all your bill companies, and anyone else who may need it. If you know your new address and/or change your number beforehand, this would be a great thing to check off your list before your move. You will have enough to do once you get to your new home.
  4. Labeling: It’s important to label properly to stay organized. Check out our previous blog: Packing & Moving Tips from the Experts for more detail.
  5. Source: Idealty Homes
    Source: Idealty Homes

    Pack strategically: This is especially important if you are putting some of your belongings into storage. You will want proper access to what you will need first, and what you will need to pack away for a later date.

  6. De-clutter: You won’t realize how much you have until you make a big move like this. The more you move with, the more it costs! Get rid of the things you don’t need. You can sell things of value and re-purchase in your new community and/or donate belongings you no longer need.
  7. Weigh your options: The further you are moving the more it costs to move. Not only will it be beneficial to de-clutter and travel light, but how your stuff is moved is important. It may be more cost efficient to hire professional movers, or it may be cheaper to rent a trailer or moving van. One person I know who moved across the country found his cheapest option was to; de-clutter, sell his furniture and use a courier company to ship the rest of his belongings to his new home. Work out your own costs, and gather quotes to compare.
  8. Check out storage options: Pre-book a self-storage unit. Whether you are waiting for your house to sell, or waiting on rental accommodation to come available in your new location, it’s a good idea to have a place to store your stuff temporarily. Things happen when you are moving and moving trucks are on the clock. Self-storage give you a place to unload your belongings right away! This also gives you some time to unpack at a slower pace and stay organized.
  9. Source: Sign Art Plus
    Source: Sign Art Plus

    Look into things first: If you are enrolling your children in school, renting or buying a home, or looking for a job instead of moving for one, do what you can beforehand. Set-up interviews,  a house and/or a school walk-through ahead of time.

  10.  Utilize social media: Join Facebook groups in your new town. Facebook groups can help you look into schools, jobs, real estate, and all kinds of amenities and interest groups in your new community. You can reach out to people, and perhaps set the tone for some new relationships that you will build upon your move.

Though relocating is a big job, de-cluttering is liberating, and change is exciting! If you use some of these tips to get started and stay organized, it should help things go a little smoother. Whatever the case, once you make the move, you have new relationships, jobs, homes and a community to look forward to! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, this is an exciting time!

— Kristina Hulkovich