Making Household Items Useful in More Ways Than One

More people are looking to simplify or downsize their living spaces. The following are some organizing ideas I have found reusing household items.

Storing Plastic Wrap or Tin Foil

Storing Your Cutting BoardsUsing a metal magazine holder, you can reign in all the loose Tupperware lids and/or cutting boards. You can also keep rolls of foil and plastic wrap in the holder; they will keep to one space, nicely tucked away out of sight. If you like the idea but do not have a magazine holder, they can be found at many Dollar stores.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Storing Small Things; Nails and ScrewsKeeping track of little nails, screws, ties can be hard if left to the junk drawer. Use spare ice cube trays to eliminate this issue. You will have 12 separate cubby holes for little hardware items. You could also use this idea for storing small crafting pieces like tacks, pins, pompoms and more!

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Turn a paper towel or a toilet paper holder into a perfect spot for hair ties and belts. They will stack nicely without you having to reach in a drawer and untangle them. You are able to see what you have in plain sight.

Storing Hair Ties, Belts and Bracelets
Source: Buzzfeed

An old carabiner makes a strong organizer for all those pony tails rings or office rubber bands!

Storing Hair Elastics
Source: DIY & Crafts 

Using inexpensive adhesive hooks on the inside of a kitchen door, you are able to hide pot lids. Place a hook in the position of 4, 6, and 8 o’clock against a lid. Remove the backing and press it to the door. Having the 3 in place will give you a strong holder for heavy glass pot lids.

Storing Pot and Pan Lids
Source: How To Nest For Less

The linen closet is another place to organize. Use one of the pillowcases from the bedding set to place its matching sheets and the one remaining pillow case. Once you have both sheets and one pillow case folded nicely, place them in the separated pillow case. Now you can see each sheet set at a glance.

Store Bedding Easily
Source: Listotic

Out of season shoes can easily be stored away using a glassware packing box or an old wine box from a local liquor store. This will house 6 pairs of shoes nicely.

Storing Shoes
Source: Listotic

Once you have emptied the next case of pop, keep it. This is a good storage container for soup cans. If they are in a cupboard that might be in line of sight with visitors, you can cover the box with wrapping paper to brighten them up a little.

Storing Soup Cans Easily
Source: Slip Talk

– Sue Sage